The Houston Chapter of Credit Union’s offers several opportunities to BE A HERO and support local charities.  With several sporting events over the course of the year, your credit union or business can contribute to the Children’s Charities and Disaster Relief funds while having some good spirited competition and fun!


Hero Sponsorship Benefits

  • See your logo on a banner at HCCU’s three annual sporting events.
  • Get a shout-out at HCCU’s three annual sporting events.
  • Help HCCU support Houston Children’s Charities and Disaster Relief Fund.

For the low one-time cost of $495, you’ll get visibility at the Volleyball, Bowling and Softball tournaments this year.

Consider being a 2022 Hero Sponsor!

Register below to be a Hero Sponsor.

Another way to support Children’s Charities and have more presence. Consider purchasing a Team Package and your company/credit union will be guaranteed a team in the Chapter’s annual events such as bowling, volleyball and softball.

Team Package Benefits

  • Join the credit unions – be visible.
  • Save 15% off the regular cost of each event.
  • Peace of mind. You get a guaranteed team for every event.

Cost is a flat $1,360 for both credit unions and business partners. Register below for a team package.

If you prefer to have a team at each event, the cost is $600 each for Volleyball and Softball and $400 for Bowling.

For individual team event purchases, please contact the following committee leaders:

Volleyball – Aug 20, 2022- Sonya Harris at (713) 676-8965 or
Bowling – Sep 24, 2022 – Julirey Velasquez at (713) 293-6631 or
Softball – October 15, 2022 – Nolan Waltman at (713) 676-8966 or

By contributing towards the Houston Children’s Charities you can help Houston’s children immeasurable while receiving advertising and promotion for your credit union/company. However you wish to support HCCU and Children’s Charities, we appreciate your commitment to this great cause!

Questions or need further information? Please feel free to contact Julirey Velasquez with Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union at (713) 293-6631 or